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Hey Guys!

I have often said that the best thing anyone can do is share. That is the idea behind this site and the same can be said about this new post.

Allow me to introduce a dear friend of mine, Kalyn Flournoy. Kalyn is all about sharing as well, which is the concept of her blog: https://thekalynflournoy.wordpress.com/.  Her blog follows not only her own journey to wellness but also the journey of others. In fact, I img_2394will be featured on her blog later in the month. (Will post that later.)

It is her hope that her blog will motivate others to not only improve their life but maintain the change. She writes on her blog:  “I hope that you will read my blog, enjoy the stories and become inspired by the lessons, to make a healthier change in your own life. I, as well as the many people that are featured on my blog, am being completely raw and honest to show you that anyone can do this, anyone! Yes, even you!”

Please do yourself the favor and follow her blog. You won’t regret it. 🙂