MB Corporate Run

Hey Guys,

So yesterday was the annual Mercedes Benz Corporate Run. For so many reasons, this race was so emotional. Last year, at this time, I was over 300 pounds and worried I wouldn’t be able to finish my first 5k. I spent months preparing and conditioning for the Corporate Run, but no matter how much I prepared, failure loomed over me. I kept doubting myself. Like I did for most of my life, I let my weight determine my success rate. Well last year, despite all my convictions, I went for it. To my relief, I FINISHED! Not only did I finish, I had amazing timing and standing in the race. I wasn’t last! I ran passed the finish line and the tears of joy, pride, and love flowed through me. Crossing that finish line that day ignited a spark I had in me but couldn’t see because I let my weight blind me. That spark later set the tone for my WELLNESS: mentally, physically, and emotionally.

I always joked that I could never adopt fitness and clean eating in my life. I convinced myself that “I was built for that”. Oh, how naive I was! This mindset was a huge factor in why my many weight loss attempts failed in the past.  A couple months prior to the Corporate Run, I began my millionth attempt to lose weight and take charge of my health. Nearing the race, I was starting to lose motivation to stay on track again. I had so much to lose and was on the verge of losing it. Following that I race, I went on to lose more than 100 pounds.

To come back to the race this year again was such an overwhelming experience. It was so polar opposite to how I felt last year. I walked in confident and ready to tame the beast! With the support of my amazing co-workers (Cristina & Diamari, you rock!), we walked all the way through with no sweat and enjoyed the beautiful Miami sights (Due to a recent car accident caused by a “text-&-driver”, I endured a knee injury and couldn’t run as planned 😦 ).

I hope to see even more improvements at next year’s corporate run. Meanwhile, I need to get back to focusing on maintaining my progress and exploring my “spark” further.

Special Thanks to my loving mom, my amazing boyfriend, and my genuine friends for your constant support, faith in me, and unwavering love. Truly blessed.



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